People and Their Secrets

People are often very possessive of their secrets. They may feel that their secrets make them special. They may even feel that their secrets give them something which they can truly possess, as long as those secrets are kept. Some people feel that their secrets are dangerous to themselves and that if they don’t keep them, some harm will befall their health or their family.

People are good at keeping secrets, because it is essentially the same as having a very private life, only on purpose. Some people believe that, if you keep a secret from your friend, that this is the same as lying to them. Others believe that this is just avoiding a confrontation and is perfectly natural.

How do you keep your secrets? Do you keep them entirely to yourself, or do you share them with people who have access to the most intimate parts of your life? Do you only talk about your secrets with strangers, so as to avoid venting on people who know you and may be able to come back and hurt you with them later?

Trust is very tricky. Different people consider breaking trust to be very different things. Some people believe that personally attacking someone is breaking their trust, and some believe that telling a secret is the only trust breaking which actually exists. Some believe that being put in danger breaks trust, and particularly so if the perpetrator does not seem to care that they have put them in danger. What about your business? Your employees trust you to make sure that they are able to come to work in a reasonable amount of safety.

To help ensure their safety, you must regularly implement employee drug and alcohol testing. This is so that you can keep an eyes on things, and so that you have a paper trail, or physical evidence, in case you must take action regarding their employment and wish to protect your company assets. Mediscreen provides onsite drug testing and alcohol testing for companies all over Australia, for every jobsite which hires us, no matter their location, and we are accredited by NATA to AS4308 and AS4760. Mediscreen is the company for you.

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Putting Blood Into Your Land

Throughout Australia, the United States, South America, and even into Africa, there are legends concerning mosquitos and land. The blood suckers are quite prevalent at certain times of the year, and they are even more prevalent in certain types of weather. However, some people are bothered by them, or attacked by them, more than others.

The common element among all of the legends is that if you do not put your own blood into the land (through insanely hard work and continuous perseverance), your blood will be drawn by the mosquitos as payment. In other words, you can either make the payment of blood through hard work, or you can be forced to make the payment to the land in your blood by the mosquitos.

Now, all of these legends are different, but they have the above statements in common, which means that this is an archetypal knowledge which will continue to permeate throughout the cultures which understand this truth.
Even the Bible talks about how a man must prepare the land he owns before he prepares the home.
The land takes precedence.

In business, the people take precedence. Without your people, you will not have the kind of teams or the kinds of work goals you need in order to make an appropriate decision or effectively execute your own plans. Without your people, your business does not retain the kind of quality it needs in order to be known far and wide as an effective company. And without drug and alcohol screening, your business would not have the appropriate steps in place to protect your people.

So, you need a good onsite drug and alcohol screening company, and for this, you have Mediscreen. We put energy and time into your company by bringing you onsite AOD testing, along with NATA accreditation to AS 4308, to every jobsite in your business, no matter where they are all located in Australia. This is perfect for out-of-the-way places which do not have regular transfers between worksite and neighboring cities. This way, your can still implement regular employee screening, without going to the trouble of transporting them, waiting on them to finish in the laboratory, and then transporting them back. That costs both time and money, and Mediscreen saves you all of that.

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Forced Elopement: The Art of Finding a Good Son-In-Law

It is often said in good stories, that the father of the bride is one of the wisest of all of the characters. After being denied time together and after being denied all chance at love, the young couple elopes, after which the father of the bride is often known to have smiled and said, “It’s rare to find a good son-in-law.”

In other words, if the young man were willing to risk everything and take his beloved away to get married against her father’s wishes, he not only has won the respect of the father, but he has proven his own strength of character and force of will in real life concerning the young woman in question.

Some businesses have a rather rigorous training program for their employees, which not only trains the new workers but also gives the executives in charge of the company a good idea of what is going on behind the scenes and which employees have the best chance of being department head someday.

Not every business is this proactive, but the ones which are find these techniques to be invaluable.

One of the most common, and yet for some executives the most overlooked techniques, is the art of employee drug and alcohol screening. Workplace drug testing is, indeed, quite appropriate in proactive businesses and becomes one of the key indicators of a worker’s progress through a business. Even if they start out with one or two substance abuse strikes against them in the beginning, if they become less and less problematic as they rise through the company, then it is clear that they are learning as they progress, which is necessary for a young executive.

Of course, if any of your employees falter regularly (and are NOT a naturally clumsy or nervous kind of person) years after their employment has started, then they may be abusing substances before coming to work or while at work. You must find out for sure, and for this you need high quality onsite drug testing provided by Mediscreen. Workplace drug testing has increased in quality and cost effectiveness since Mediscreen has entered the business marketplace, and many businesses look at our AS4308 and AS4760 NATA accreditation and choose us as their screening provider.

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Feel the Pain

Do you remember, when you were a kid, dreading even the smallest amount of pain? Whether it was taking off a bandage or getting your blood drawn at the doctor’s office, there was such a huge fear of pain that you would do just about anything to not feel it? As you grew up, and experienced more pain, both in the body and in the heart, you became accustomed to it or unafraid of it because you understood it better.

It never meant that you did not feel pain, but it meant that you knew the proper context of the pain with regard to the surrounding circumstances.

When you entered the business world, you saw that some people were fired and experienced a great deal of pain until they were suitably (and for some time) settled in their new job. You saw that some people experienced the pain of being correct, quite publicly, by their bosses for misbehaving or for screwing up a client account in some manner. You experienced pain yourself when these things and other similar situations happened to you during your employment.

However, some people avoid pain, even as adults. They run from it, scared, and they do not wish to look upon it. Some people look upon pain and see only what they are afraid of and never the solution on the other side of the pain. And they avoid pain by abusing drugs or alcohol, sometimes even while at work.

It is better to feel the pain, and it get out of your system for good, than to allow it to fester within you until it has overcome you in every way.

When you are looking to make sure that your employees are not dealing with their various forms of pain by abusing illicit substances while on their jobsite, make sure you do it with Mediscreen. We are AS4308 accredited by NATA. We provide high quality onsite drug testing and alcohol screening services. We store your employee drug testing records, all of them, at your place of business. Everything, and we mean everything, is under you control and under your watchful eye.

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Strength in Numbers and Work Related Tasks

drug testing experts

drug testing experts

There is strength in numbers, or so we have heard. Yes, two hundred warships are likely to win against two warships, but other than that, is there any finesse in numbers? The truth is that a good general can make two warships last a very long time, and that a bad general can get many warship quickly reduced down to only a few. So, yes, there must be some finessing of the numbers for there to truly be strength in numbers.

What do work related tasks have to do with strength in numbers?

Well, when someone retires, and we mean truly retires not just say that they do, they suddenly find themselves with a lot of time on their hands. They are able to easily make meetings and meet deadlines, well ahead of schedule. But that’s just in the beginning. It turns out that not having somewhere to go every day and not having a need to use their time more efficiently every day causes them to mismanage their time and actually fail to get to places on time, much more so than when their schedules were jam packed.

When you have a busy schedule of worthwhile things to do, you can actually make better use of your time than when you have more…time. Isn’t that interesting? It has to do with the attitude you have about how you treat time. Have you ever noticed an employee who regularly abuses drugs or alcohol and how they seem to have a very indefinite view of time and deadlines? This is because their view of time is skewed by the timelessness or the seeming timelessness which is created by abusing their drug of choice.

Mediscreen brings high quality drug testing equipment to your place of business and implements onsite drug testing and alcohol screening on a regular basis for you. We are even NATA accredited for medical testing, and our health and wellness specialists are happy to sit down with you and make a systematic screening plan for you and your workers. If you are interested in implementing a drug testing program.

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Growing Your Small Business

drug testing program

drug testing program

When you are looking to grow your small business, there are very few things which are better for this growth than using onsite drug and alcohol testing. Unlike with a large company, any employee missing from the day to day operations can seriously slow down the operations of the business. This means that onsite drug and alcohol screening is very time effective when you are looking to maintaining maximum output in your operations, but you still want to start implement employee screening procedures.

Now, we have talked about how small businesses can “dress for success” so to speak by acting like they have many more employees and therefore using employee drug and alcohol testing as part of this preparation and forethought process. However, there are some other benefits to using screening when you have only a small number of employees. In many companies, one or two employees committing fraud can drastically reduce the income of the business, even up to five figures a year, and this includes sole practitioner operations, such as chiropractors and specialized doctors.

Workplace drug testing laws only are enforced in specific industries, like the high hazard operations, and they are not necessarily considered important by many small business owners. Fortunately, alcohol and drug testing is still useful in these smaller operations, because they find and identify employees who are potentially affecting the local reputation of the company or who could eventually end up leading their own path down the fraud highway.

Fortunately, you do not have to send your employees to a laboratory in order to get them tested on a regular basis. This costs time and, in addition to paying for the regular testing fees, you will have to pay for the overhead costs of running the laboratory. Thanks to drug testing equipment from our sister company, CMM Technology, Mediscreen is able to provide onsite drug and alcohol screening at a far more reduced rate than otherwise. Mediscreen is accredited to carry out onsite urine drug testing to AS 4308. We are proud to say that our productivity is high, our onsite drug testing is accredited by NATA, and our costs are low because of our particular specialization.

If you think your small business would be interested in using onsite drug and alcohol screening, as opposed to laboratory testing in its usual form.

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Forcing It versus Letting It Grow Organically

synthetic drug testing

synthetic drug testing

Forcing a situation is productive when the end result outweighs the effort put into forcing it. In general, forcing anything is automatically placed under the category of Plan B, second best. Plan A, or the best, is usually considered to be whatever way is more organic. Drug and alcohol testing is part of an inherently organic process. It begins with your decision to build a business or, if you are a manager in said business, to take responsibility for your portion of the company.

In order to grow and maintain the level of growth of your business, you must have long term, medium term, and short term plans in place. You must see the end result, and as you gain knowledge and perspective, you must be able to appropriately alter your business plan and your company’s goals in order to account for changes in both environment and in personal decisions regarding the direction of your business.

Workplace drug testing is part of this organic process, and it is the input you need to correctly assess the one factor in your business which you cannot directly control: the workers. In order to make decisions regarding their employment, you must be able to understand their abuse or beginning abuse of substances which are illicit both legally and regarding your company policy.

Drug and alcohol testing is essentially information gathering. Think of it as private research data from inside of your own business. You will have a lot of data at your fingertips, but you will not be getting it concerning your competition or your customer base, but regarding the most important factor of your company’s entire life cycle: the workers.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? The answers lie in the people themselves, not in faceless and meaningless numbers and data about information systems. Mediscreen is AS4308 accredited by NATA. The answers lie in what the people are doing or refraining from doing, in what their stresses become, and in what their pressures become. Alcohol and drug testing, like the NATA accredited onsite testing done by us, is part of the solution to the problem of employer-employee benefits. It shows you what you need to know, but it does so in a solid, scientific way.

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Personal Dialogues

drug testing experts

Sometimes, at Mediscreen, we seek to inspire you with what the human spirit is capable of. You see, onsite drug and alcohol testing is all about giving you the information you need to make good, thoughtful decisions about your future and that of your business. And these decisions do not only affect your own financial status, but that of your employees, as well. Therefore, your decisions make a lot of impact for a lot of people.

Workplace drug testing is about making sure that you have the right people for the right jobs in your business. If one or more of your employees is abusing substances while at work, then it will not just affect their own performance, which is a company loss, at best. Instead, it will affect both their performance and that of everyone else.

Do you know how much each of your employees affects those around them?

Personal dialogues are the beginning of healing your workplace. You need to understand just how much the interaction between people affect each person in the interaction.

Drugs and alcohol spread like a virus if they are being abused in the workplace. Old former addicts take up old habits, newcomers learn the joy of numbing the pain, and everyone is affected by the lack of responsibility and self sufficiency within the employee workplace.

After all, if you cannot learn to have positive, productive, constructive personal dialogues with yourself, how can you be expected to have them with your coworkers? Help your workers to avoid these hazards by getting workplace drug testing from Mediscreen. We are NATA accredited for workplace drug testing, and we know that you are looking for the highest quality of services available. For more information, visit our website and take a look at all of the different things you can ask us to do for you. Mediscreen has NATA accreditation to AS 4308 and AS 4760. Call us up and ask us about all of the different prices which would be billed to your business, considering the number of employees and drug screening services requested. If you are seriously thinking about implementing onsite drug testing and alcohol testing, then we are the company for you.

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Emptiness is Not So Beautiful

drug testing experts

drug testing experts

When you hear a piece of soulful music, or you walk out onto the city street on a clear night where the golden lights sparkle against the black velvet sky, you may feel bit of emptiness…but in a good way. When people paint or write music for emptiness, they are glamorizing it like it’s never been glamorized before. You see, emptiness can be beautiful, but then it can be dangerous and heart wrenching, as well.

What do we mean by that?

Well, a good kind of emptiness involves some sort of helpful cleansing of your spirit. You get rid of something which was bothering you or your intentions are not as bright as you thought they would be, but they are lot stronger than you realized. These are examples of good kinds of emptiness in your soul.

Bad emptiness comes when you have the mental or physical ability to do something, but your emotional ability to handle something is so low that you are standing behind a glass wall, looking at your potential, but unable to do anything about it. You are helpless and powerless, and definitely feel that way.

When an alcoholic or drug abuser enters a workplace, they are not just filled up with this bad emptiness, but they are bringing it to touch and infect everyone with whom they come in contact. You know that drug abuse and alcoholism can easily be passed down through a family, and it is because once you are exposed to this starvation level of energy, it is hard to rise above it. It is very toxic.

Mediscreen brings onsite drug and alcohol screening to Australia. No matter where your company or its branches are in this great nation of ours, Mediscreen will come to your workplace and screen your employees for you. Mediscreen is AS4308 accredited by NATA. Workplace drug testing is easy, convenient, and more cost effective through us. It is also a good way to implement employee drug testing using a company which is NATA accredited for onsite drug testing. We believe in your business being filled with good, emotionally strong, narcotic clean employees.

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What is Character Development?

synthetic drug testing

synthetic drug testing

We were often told that we had to develop our characters as children. Did anybody understand this phrase at that age? It can be difficult to understand it, even at our current age. Developing character? What does that mean, exactly?

Well, character has to do with internal strength. It has to do with developing emotional muscles and mental muscles and, to some degree, physical muscles with which to hold up our burdens on this earth. Without a set of each of these muscle types, well developed, we are ill equipped to deal with life very successfully at all.

Character development involves exercising these emotional and mental muscles so that you can become a well balanced, confident, eager, joy-filled person. As children, we do not necessarily understand this concept called character development, even if we feel ourselves acquiring it through made, kept and broken friendships.

Character is very important to keep people within prescribed social limits so that they do not bulldoze over everyone else or do not make unwanted sexual or risky advances. Character is also necessary for recognizing a need to make amends and for actually making them and following through on apologies and for making people feel better, even if they weren’t the offender, after their feelings have been hurt.

Character is required to keep your head above the water when bad things happen in your life and when you feel the need to indulge in drugs or alcohol. Character is first and foremost about the beauty that comes from building internal strength instead of an external façade. Mediscreen is expert with employee drug testing program, and we specialize in onsite drug and alcohol screening. This means our mobile service, where we bring our quality drug testing equipment to your work, and our onsite drug testing. We here at Mediscreen know how important both character development and drug testing is. We know that you need to confirm the absence of drugs or alcohol in their systems while they are at work and to take appropriate action if illicit substances are found in your workers while they are working on the jobsite.

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